A while ago now I came across My Treat on social media and loved the concept of a treat box that I can receive once a month and experience some of New Zealand's finest products at a pretty reasonable price.


Everything that My Treat have in their body boxes is New Zealand made, eco-friendly, saves you money and is the perfect luxury escape that suits all woman.

Each box comes with a pamphlet on each product and information about the products inside for that month, so you can read up about the products and how to use them in the best way.

Your chance as a woman to take some time out for yourself and spend time on you. I think as women we are caring so much about the people around us we forget to take time and pamper ourselves. I think of this box as my treat for working hard all month at work, other people it maybe being a Mum, or having a busy corporate schedule.

This month February had some beautiful treats

A Lauren and Louise Bio- Active Mineral powder foundation

Provided sheer coverage on my skin great for days when I am going for the light make up look the more you use the more coverage you get. Helps to reduce redness and improve elasticity in the skin.

Loved this a great summer product


Matakana Superfoods Dark Chocolate collagen beauty bar

Bonus of being chocolate bar but it's really good for your skin. Combines dark Ghana chocolate with marine collagen. Great for hair, skin and nails. Loved this a nice chocolate treat bonus it's good for your body


Little Mango 'Natural deoderant'

Made in New Zealand this natural deodorant, it's plant based ingredients target the source of body odour bacteria keeping you fresh without the nasty chemicals. Found was a lovely scent not overpowering and only needed a little bit goes along way


Living Light Aroma Stone and Atomiser set

Ceramic stone absorbs the scent of the fragrance I got white Lily which I love has a lovely fresh smell..

Perfect for your car, wardrobe or smaller spaces

Love this I hung it in my car and it now smells lovely


My personal favourite from this box below.

By Nature whipped body souffle

A great every day light moisturizer I found it great for my cracked heals and knees and anywhere where there is dry skin.

Literally like putting whipped cream on your skin and smells divine..


This box I give 10/10

The items have a touch of luxury and knowing that I am supporting and buying New Zealand made ethical products is so important to me

Try my treat today for less than $10 a week the price of not even 2 x coffees the luxury of pampering yourself awaits ..

With different boxes depending on your budget you are sure to find something you enjoy.

See the box subscription types below..

Others on the my treat website also.


Check them out today at

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(Some info about products courtesy of my treat)